Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning In the Phoenix Area

This is a coil with dirt but not excessive dirt.

This is a coil with dirt but not excessive dirt.

This is the same coil after cleaning.  It is restored to full funtion and efficency.  Like new.

This is the same coil after cleaning. It is restored to full funtion and efficency. Like new.

Sandy's Coil
If your AC system is this dirty you may need to replace the entire system.

Would you put your nose up to this? That is effectivly what you are doing if your are breathing air that was cooled by this AC system.

Many of our customers in Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler have inquired about duct cleaning.  This leads us to a more important maintenance item which is coil cleaning.  Your air conditioning system has 2 coils.  The condenser coil is part of the outdoor AC unit and the evaporator (cooling coil) is part of the indoor equipment.  Both of these coils typically resemble a radiator on an automobile.


The cooling coil, I also sometimes call the indoor coil because it is the coil that cools the indoor air stream.  All of the air from your home passes through this coil repeatedly.  This coil is wet when it is active so it is a good place to foster microbial growth and mold propagation.  If you are concerned with indoor air quality, or IAQ then you need to understand how to prevent these problems.  If you are concerned with efficiency and longevity of your AC sytem then you need to understand how to prevent these problems.  The key is to keep it clean.

The first tip is to CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER FREQUENTLY.  The easy rule to remember is…when you pay your electric bill change your filter.  If you keep dirt from reaching the cooling coil you will have better indoor air quality.  Note, generally I do not like 1″ pleated filters because they are to restrictive to air flow which reduces capacity and efficiency of the AC system.  If you have questions about filters you can call our office.  480-706-3333

Second, have a profesional inspect and/or clean this coil periodically.  Dirt in the coil is the enemy.  It is not expensive to clean and it does not need to be done every year.  Again call Air and Water Factor at 480-706-3333 for information regarding cooling coil cleaning.

Third, have your drain lines cleaned out regularly.  The dirt that gets in your coil also ends up in your drain.  There are other things that grow with in the drain.  If the condensate drain clogs it will exaserbate any indoor air quality problems, and potentialy damage the home and system.

Please keep in mind that your condensate drain may be working today and may clog again tomorrow.  The older the system the faster this typically occurs.  You need to keep an eye on it and shut the system down imediatley at the first sign of water problems. 

I am attaching a few pictures of excessivly dirty cooling coils so you can see what you are breathing.  These coils need cleaning but because they have been neglected we cannot restore the full function of this coil. 

I also have attached a before and after.  This is a good example of proper maintenance.  There is some accumulation of dirt but this homeowner had us clean it before it became a problem.

We also have several varieties of Electronic Air Cleaners.  Please call the Air & Water Factor office for information regarding Electronic Air Cleaners.  480-706-3333

Tim Friederich

Project Estimator

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Ceiling Damage from Air Conditioning Condensate Leaks

During the monsoon season your air conditioning system “creates” a higher volume of condensation.  If your drain is clogged or partially clogged you may need to have the condensate drain line cleaned or blown out.  Many of our customers in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Ahwatukee experience cieling damage from condensate leaks and clogs.  The best time to clean these drain lines (to prevent a flooded ceiling) is during the monsoon season.   Please call Air and Water Factor cooling, heating and plumbing at 480-706-3333 to schedule this service.

condensation drain

Written by Tim Friederich   

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