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4 Steps to Hiring an AC Repair Company in Mesa

steps to hiring an AC repair company in Mesa 199x300 4 Steps to Hiring an AC Repair Company in MesaIt has been suggested by many that among unpleasant tasks, just below calling the dentist to schedule a root canal is trying to find a dependable HVAC contractor in Mesa. All joking aside many homeowners struggle with this, especially during the summer when your AC has just decided to break down at the most inopportune time. Luckily, the steps to hiring an AC Repair company in Mesa are not that difficult.

Hiring An AC Repair Company In Mesa Can Be Stress Free

Step #1 – Google Is Your Friend

The Internet has made life so easy for people these days. With the increase in search engine optimization marketing, finding a reliable and dependable HVAC contractor is just a Google search away. Here is why you can depend on an HVAC company that is ranked well on your local search engine results.

Today’s search engines use incredible mathematical software algorithms to rank pages based on two primary individual elements:

a)   Proper use of key word density written by professional writers to ensure every page is based on quality not quantity

b)   Number of page visits by online ISP addresses

When an HVAC company spends time and money to place an emphasis on the quality of their online marketing efforts you can trust that they’ll deliver exceptional HVAC services as well. [Read more...]

3 Summer Energy Saving Tips That Help Reduce Monthly Bills

summer energy saving tips 300x200 3 Summer Energy Saving Tips That Help Reduce Monthly BillsAs the hot weather approaches, the temperature is not the only thing that rises. Sadly, our monthly energy bills also tend to reach their peak during the summer season. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that normal operating rates magically rise when more consumption is reported. But, in general, there are many summer energy saving tips all designed to save you money each month – without significantly reducing your overall indoor comfort.

3 Energy Saving Tips To Help You Save Money During The Summer Months

Tip #1 – Keep Your Window Shades Closed

Direct sunlight is the biggest reason for heat generated inside your home, regardless of the season. So it makes sense that the best and most affordable way to reduce your summertime heat is to block that sunlight from entering your home – right? Believe it or not, many of us forget this simple energy saving tip during the summer, but it can produce huge savings. [Read more...]

Why Trane Air Conditioners Are Great For Triple-Digit Heat

trane air conditioners 300x300 Why Trane Air Conditioners Are Great For Triple Digit HeatWhen you live in Arizona cities like Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa or Queen Creek, you realize that the summer temperatures can eclipse 100-degrees for 1/3rd of the year. Since this is a statement of fact, finding the best AC system to power your home or office is not just a luxury – it’s a requirement. This is why many residents of these cities often choose Trane Air Conditioners to keep their homes cool when the triple-digit heat approaches.

3 Reasons Why Trane AC Units Are The Best Value For Arizona Homeowners

Reason #1 – Trane Air Conditioners Are Reliable

When your home is in an area that is frequently hammered with hot weather, your AC system will run around the clock. It’s due to this fact that most homeowners depend on Trane Air Conditioning systems to keep them cool. Trane AC units are very reliable for several reasons:

  • Professional installation experts here in the USA manufacture them with high-quality parts. Trane takes tremendous pride  in the quality of each product they manufacture. This includes the parts they use to create each AC system. Plus, professional technicians here in America assemble all Trane units sold in the US.
  • Trane systems are developed through years of trial and minimal error. Trane has been a dependable vendor of top-rated AC systems for several years. And with each new product they create, they learn and improve their efforts. This ensures that the Trane AC unit you buy is extremely dependable.

[Read more...]

What Are The Benefits Of Variable Speed Air Conditioners?

variable speed air conditioners 199x300 What Are The Benefits Of Variable Speed Air Conditioners?One of the ‘hot’, new trends in air conditioning growing in the Phoenix metro area is the installation of variable speed air conditioners. Although there are some critics that will argue that variable speed AC systems are not worth the extra money when you look at it from a consumer’s point of view, it’s quite easy to see that there are indeed several benefits to installing one of these units.

4 Benefits Of Installing A Variable Speed Air Conditioner In An Arizona Home

Benefit #1 – They are very energy efficient [Read more...]

What Should I Expect To Get With An AC Tune Up In Mesa?

ac tune up mesa What Should I Expect To Get With An AC Tune Up In Mesa?An important part of keeping an expensive appliance running smooth for years is to get involved with a routine maintenance program. When you’re talking about air conditioning systems, the best way to ensure you have cool air when you need it most is by having an AC tune up. Truth is, many home owners in Phoenix and surrounding cities might ask themselves if they really need this sort of service. Why don’t we talk about what is an AC tune up in Mesa  includes and how can you ensure you’re getting a great deal on one.

4 Easy Answers To Common AC Tune Up Questions

Question #1 – What exactly is an AC Tune Up?

In layman’s terms, an air conditioning tune up is basically a routine maintenance program for your AC system; that is designed to inspect several elements of the complete AC system including: [Read more...]