Summer Energy Saving Tips For Mesa, Gilbert & Chandler Residents

Summer Energy Saving Tips For MesaLiving in Arizona cities like Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler can get flat out hot in summertime. And with the hot weather often comes a dramatic increase in energy consumption. Whether this is due to more AC units being turned on, or refrigeration in grocery stores needing to pump out more cold to keep products cold, the truth is that with summer in Arizona often comes increased energy bills. This is why many people actively search for summer energy saving tips. Fortunately, you’ve found the right place.

Here are a few of our favorite and easy summer energy saving tips that require very little cost or effort – but can pay huge dividends in the long run.

Summer energy saving tips for Mesa and the Phoenix Arizona area

Summer Energy Saving Tips #1 – Run Your Major Appliances During Off-Peak Hours

Did you know that the number one cause of energy use in our homes is NOT the HVAC unit? In actuality, the biggest offender of energy use is our major appliances like Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Dryers. And another common misunderstood fact is that local energy companies charge a premium for people to use energy during peak hours (traditionally between 9am-9pm). Check out details about APS Peak Hours and SRP Peak Hours to know which plans apply to your home.

So – here is the best and easiest tip to save money on your summer electric bill. Do your laundry and wash your dishes during off-peak hours.

This can simply be done by choosing to do a load of laundry later in the evening – as opposed to during mid-day. It’s also best to run the dishwasher later at night – after 9pm.

Summer Energy Saving Tips #2 – Have Your HVAC System Inspected Regularly

Another simple step you can do to save money on your monthly energy bills is to get your HAVC unit on a tune-up schedule. Considering we’re in the desert, often times home owners will schedule a pre-summer and a pre-winter tune up. Having a service agreement with your HVAC company will make this seamless.

These types of services are necessary for multiple reasons:

  • First: the cost of your inspection will most likely cost less – as many reliable and trustworthy AC service experts tend to have lower rates during off-peak periods.
  • Second: when you have your HVAC unit inspected, your provider will replace the filters, make sure the unit is properly lubricated, and operates under peak efficiency. When your AC unit is properly serviced, you can save between 10-15% on your monthly energy consumption.

Summer Energy Saving Tips #3 – Install LED Lights Inside the Home

When you have LED lights installed inside all of your lamination devices (a fancy word for lamps), you’ll be surprised how much money you can save on your summer electrical bills. LED light bulbs can save you up to 15-20% on monthly energy bills – when compared to standard light bulbs. And – they last longer as well.

Another sub-tip in this area is to use your blinds and window covering effectively during summertime. This means, keep them shut during the day, to keep sunlight out of the home. When you open the shades, this lets heat enter the house – which causes your AC unit to work harder to keep the temperature consistent.

Simply put – when you are proactive in regards to your energy consumption, HVAC service and the materials you use to illuminate your home, you’ll find that several of these summer energy saving tips are easier than you’d think.

Benefits Of Having Your AC Unit Regularly Maintained

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